USS Eldridge remote viewed

Target: LN17-0023
Method: CRV

Describe the target!

Surroundings of the target: this is in a sunny, pleasant place. Moderate autumn weather, nor warm or cold temperature.
How it looks like: streamlined shape, angular parts, moving things.
From above: a square shaped structure on the top, underneath additonal layers from the same materials. Hard, heavy cover.
Colors of the target: white and beige.
AOL: an aircraft fighter or a panzer.
Environment: a cold, wet (dew) surface, pointed ends, knots, alike the grass.
Size of the target: much bigger than a car, capability to transport a lot of people.
Materials: body, compressed, pressed coarse material, it’s internal structure is repeating, when touch outside it is warm. Matte coloured, absorbs light, does not mirrors. A kind of hard, solid material (artificially manufactured).
In the field of view(er): a flat area in the front. Right: a high, domed surface. Left: a tussock shaped structure, but a much larger. It is made by metal, this is on a high square base surface. Near man in black uniform.
The surface of the target: plain, flat, but there are different types of protruding things along the way, as well as doors, flap doors etc. After some (3-4) foot steps there is a curving down. In the opposite direction there is the tussock shaped metallic structure. The perception about it: radar or antenna.
Utilization of the target: born a new, revolutionary thing. A new thing was born. Normal use of the target: ordinary a combat tool, moving troops, used for monitoring and management.
Intermediate perceptions: Greek/Mediterranean environment, Greek flag in the background. A name detail from the deep background: oren, Owen. A nearest object on the surface of the target: container-like objects of metal. Shack structure constructed with roof. Electric voltage observed in a metallic box, this voltage is adjustable. Slowly increases, the strength increased. It comes from a small box, internal source. A closed system from the inside.
The target when operates/works: a huge wheel in motion, a conveyor belt-like repetition, metallic tracks. Accelerated motion. The electrical voltage highly increased, overload occurs. Finally flying things and parts in the field of vision. Battlefield movements, preparation for battle. Attack against a white, strange object. People are injured.
Subtitles/superscriptions on the target: ten steps away from the target it seems on the side: elbor… bor…
Date activity of the target: 1943, occupation of a white, strange building. Departure on the battlefield.
The drawing of the target: a square (rectangular) shaped, castle-like building with strange protruding things, domes, otherwise this is a plain one on wet surface.

The target was USS Eldridge destroyer escort:

We’ve just remote viewed the general appearance and properties of the warship and don’t wanted to receive datas about The Philadelphia Experiment (we have a whole project on this topic). The viewer was absolutely blind to the target.
Other concerning (intermediate) datas in the session: Greek/ Mediterranean environment, Greek flag in the background. A name detail from the deep background: oren, Owen. Between 4 January 1944 and 9 May 1945, Eldridge sailed on the vital task of escorting to the Mediterranean Sea men and materials to support Allied operations in North Africa. It made several voyages to deliver convoys safely to – for example – Oran. In 1951 it was transferred under a defence program to Greece, with whom it served as HS Leon. Eldridge was decommissioned in 1992, and in 1999 it was sold as a scrap a Pireaus-based scrapmetal firm.

Mostanában ennyien olvasták: 2043

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