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Consciousness out of bodyThis story below is one of my numberless experiences, concerning out of body experience or spontaneous remote viewing.
It was a dime-a-dozen summer night in a remote Hungarian village in the midst of 1998. I was at home near to this village in a small town, lying on my bed, falling into sleep. But something happened to me – distant in space in the same time – while I was sleeping at home. In the early hours of the morning a so-called “disco-accident” occurred near the village (a car hit a pedestrian in the early dawn). The accident caused a very serious injury to a youngster who fell into a weedy ditch after the hit (suffering permanent damage).
I didn’t participate in this accident, I was an absolute outsider, I was asleep in my home far away, about twenty km away from the accident site. But, at the moment when the incident happened, my consciousness was there, at the accident, from its beginning to the end. I could say: it was a dream, but it had been a real (live) dream. I actually watched the whole incident as a psychic participant. Everything that happened to me, happened to the accident too. I was in the position of one of the participants and watched the things that were done next to me, I looked the situation via the consciousness of one of them, otherwise I watched the event from above. I felt this event I have an expanded consciousness, the extension was the psyche of the other participants. Telling the truth: I was there at the accident as a psychic participant (and observer), where and how it has been done – meanwhile my body was lying in my bed far away. I remember mainly a significant detail: one of them said they ought to flee from the scene because no one had seen anything around them due to the darkness of the dawn, so nothing will be disclosed.

In the morning, when I woke up in my bed, I felt that something sad happened previously. Hours (and kilometres) later one of the concerned persons told me the whole incident likewise, in the same way, as I “dreamt”.

There are more details about this story, but I think they’re confidential (there was a man from the armed forces, one or two glasses of drink for them, and so on). I know (and knew) all of the participants, including the injured youngster, who told a part of the story to me. It was nothing new for me, because I had been watching it with my mind, being distant in space at the same time.

It was a spontanoeus OBE and rv’ing at the same time but I have the knowledge to make this state consciously.

This story is one of my best out of body experiences. I got instant and fast feedback with the exact facts I experienced. There was nothing difference between the true story and the mentally perceived event.

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