I am a native Hungarian, living close to my native land on northern Hungary. I grew up in the countryside called Mountain Upper-lands of Bükk (literally „Beech”). This area is a beautiful region of villages in the section of the North Hungarian Mountains of the Inner Western Carpathians, on its northern side.
I have been conducting local historical research for nearly twenty years. After spending decades with the researching of local lore, I found old-time documents with names of old, historical genus, linked to my family. From this time I’ve been seriously searching for my ancestors here, in my micro-region. I call myself a hobby-genealogist, uncovering my own genealogy and the family histories of this area, called Mountain Upper-lands of Bükk.
My paternal family name is Barta, so I started to research this branch. Until now I’ve found 26 sub-branches nickname, alternate for ‘Barta’ family name in three villages of this area.The villages are: Sáta, Bóta, Uppony, Nekézseny, Csokva, Omány, Daróc (and more the town Ózd).
The timeline I’ve been researched is ~1850, this is the great-great-grandparents period.
Among my ancestors I’ve found persons who were emigrated to America and they were documented at Ellis Island’s immigration list.
So, if you think we might have ancestors in common, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Just a short story from 2015: someone registered a PayPal account from the United States. Everyday story. Why do I share this? Because this person registered with (obvious mistake) my e-mail address, namely zbarta (at a global email provider). All of the US notifications had arrived in my box, local ads and offers. I don’t know what Z means in the account’s name, but there are Bartas in US for sure.

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