Remote viewing – as an innate ability

My name is Zoltán Barta. I was born in 1966 in a small town in northern Hungary as the sole child of my parents and grew up in an even smaller village near that town. I thought then it was the center of the world – and to me it still is. Since my first conscious thoughts I have perceived the sensations and thoughts of other people. I perceived information regarding objects I was holding in my hands and I perceived distant occurrences via my consciousness. I saw things happening earlier in the room or place where I entered. I dreamed of events which occurred later exactly in that way, in some cases after more than ten years. Information arrives mentally, seeing and knowing what a place (building, town) will look like in the far-distant future – and later they become exactly true. I have the knowledge of psychically being seen at two different locations at the same time.

One of my numberless experiences (in the topic of „automatic” or spontaneous rv’ing): It was a calm – but sad – summer night in the year 1998, a remote village in Hungary. In the early hours of the morning a so-called „disco-accident” occurred near the village (a car hit a pedestrian in the early dawn). The accident caused a very serious injury to a youngster who fell into a weedy ditch after the hit (suffering permanent damage).
I didn’t participate in this accident, I was an absolute outsider, I was asleep in my home far away, about twenty km away from the accident site. But something happened to me – distant in space at the same time…
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To tell the truth, I did not have the opportunity here in Hungary, in those years, to read about matters like these (remote viewing, remote influencing, ESP, psychometry, second sight, telepathy, empathy, precognition, premonition, far seeing, etc.), so they could not be a kind of any aftermath image of something read material, because I had read nothing about these topics. But some years (decades) later it wasn’t a long journey for me to learn the ins and outs of remote viewing. When I read about remote viewing in the 1990’s, I realized I had been doing the same thing spontaneously since my early childhood. The only previous experience I had had in this field was my participation in seminars on the Silva Method, which I took twice here in Hungary in the late 1990’s. Those courses helped me improve my skills in some areas and to establish new benchmarks too. That was the beginning of a period of expanded capabilities.
According to documents remote viewing became widely known in the 1990’s upon the declassification of certain documents related to this topic. At that time I had already long been (since years) practicing this method for several purposes independently, without any knowledge about these things in the US.

My essential experiences: not my mind/consciousness is projected to the target (in general), but the information and the needed details appear in my mind – permanently. Regarding other innate abilities: sometimes when I meet somebody and we are shaking hands or if I am simply touching them (even by chance), or if I just have a look at the person, a kind of film begins to run in my mind about this human being. This film is similar to the above mentioned images; they are extremely complex and richly detailed. Sometimes the last or most significant thought, mood of this person appears as a complex film, in a specific scene. These phenomena are sometimes spontaneous – as I wrote above, at other times a question of volition (intentional), but I am able to control these formats each time.

At the end of the year 2010 I created my approach to remote viewing. This is an intersection of recent well-known methods, and my own perception process. I named this „Sensitive RV” for its careful steps for the correct results.

I do know I am not the only one. Many people are searching for answers about their lives and they begin to realize psychic abilities inside (by receiving them – so to speak – spontaneously). Mentality, psychic skills are natural, built-in parts of the human race. If you are about to uncover them, you will surely encounter them.

The Tempe Viewing

When I am not practicing remote viewing, I am a state official during the working hours and an author in my „inspired hours” – I write short stories in Hungarian language. I am working on my book about innate remote viewing, based on my experiences, hopefully it’s going to be ready soon.

Key phrases:

Joe McMoneagle said: „Excellence in remote viewing like any other paranormal activity is a result of – 33% talent, 33% understanding the rules, and 33% practice. You need 25% or better in all three to call yourself a virtuoso as a remote viewer.”

My own conclusion is (recognizing the truth of this wise quote above): „Quod natura dedit, tollere nemo potest.” – What is given by nature, no man can take away.

If you don’t know psychic abilities or remote viewing at all, try to interpret these by your own thoughts: remote viewing is psychic ability to transcend time and space and gather ‘remote’ information about unseen and/or distant targets, using more than the normal or known six senses. Or: remote viewing is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using subjective means, in particular, extrasensory perception or „sensing with mind”.
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„For remote viewing to have a more positive influence on our future, it must be found useful at the grass roots level where goal oriented individuals can perceive its applications for the common good. Only those individuals who have made some effort to understand it as a personal experience will be in a position to comprehend more fully the potential of it. They are the advanced thinkers who will redefine the boundaries of consciousness.”
Ingo Swann

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