2015Zoltán Barta (50), Hungarian writer, author of several novels and short stories. He was born in a small northern town in Hungary as the only child of his parents. He grew up in the countryside near that town, it was the center of the World for him, and still is.
He began to write in his youth and published rather late. In the beginning he was publishing mainly short stories, first of which appeared in 2004.
He writes about unexplained and incomprehensible events in life in the genre of paranormal fiction. He has personal experiments (as born) about clairvoyance or remote viewing by other name, so he is working on a book about this topic. Furthermore he writes historical stories and fictions about his native land, called the Mountain Upper-lands of Bükk (map). He is a hobby-genealogist, researching his family and the genealogy history of this region.
He is now living in the town of Eger. He is a state official during his working hours and working as an author in his “inspired hours” – he writes his novels in Hungarian language.

“The creative person should have no other biography than his works.”
B. Traven

His published works are:

The City Within Reach (Karnyújtásnyira a város)
In the anthology „Dimensions – 57 contemporary Hungarian stories”
ISBN 978-615-5056-04-8
Publisher: Aposztróf Kiadó, 2010, Budapest

Give Me Back My Aura! (Add vissza az aurámat!)
In the anthology „Szó-kincs 2011”
ISBN 978-615-5056-11-6
Publisher: Aposztróf Kiadó, 2011, Budapest

Booklets of Sáta (Sátai Füzetek)
e-book (pdf, epub, prc, html)
ISBN 978-963-08-1660-1
Own publishing, 2011

Magnitude (Magnitúdó)
Jump On Monday (Ugrás hétfőn)
In the anthology „A Főnix Dala (Song Of The Phoenix)”
ISBN unknown
Publisher: Song Of The Phoenix Literatury Society, 2012, Debrecen, Hungary

Remote Viewing Mental Images as Targets
In periodical Eight Martinis (issue 9, p. 39), May, 2013
ISSN 2045-2462 (print), 2045-2470 (online)

Vidi per menso (Seeing by mind)
Radio Verda #202, Vancouver, Canada, 2013-12-21.
Prelego pri mensa vidado, fora perceptado. Legu kaj aŭskultu >>

(Continuous appearing of his other writings in the periodical „A Főnix Dala” .)

Some of his writings, novels and short stories are:

Woven World (Világszőttes), novel
Stolen Thing (Lopott holmi), novel
Witchcraft’s Day (Gonoszjáró nap), novel, 2008
Jingle Bell (Csengőszó), 2009
Habitat (Élőhely), 2010
Anomaly (Anomália), 2010
The Slug Caye (A Meztelencsiga-zátony), novel, 2010
A Day in the War (Egy nap a háborúban), 2011
Victims (Áldozatok), 2012
Fortunate Case (Szerencsésen megoldott bűnügy), 2012
Cannon in the Yard (Ágyú az udvaron), 2012
Magnitude (Magnitúdó), 2012
Jump on Monday (Ugrás hétfőn), 2013
Negurilassia, 2013
Hip-hop (Hipp-hopp), 2013

On the common field of consciousness:
Remote Viewing Experiences, a working title
RV tapasztalatok – Munkacím

Them can read in Hungarian here:
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“Why write novels? Surprisingly, many people undertake novel writing not because they want to, but because they feel they ought to.”
D. Maass


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